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Liquid Mercury 3 (TF)
'Aaah...this is the life...' Angela sighed.
    'What is it, Creator Angela?', Riley asked, standing by Angela's side.
    '...No, no, it's nothing.' Angela smiled her signature smile. 'It's simply nice to be getting the recognition and the money I deserve. Had to murder two people and hack into the security files to back me up, that's a shitload of work...then again, that ain't much for what's probably coming in the future. The feds'll be coming soon, after all.' She walked over to the computer and turned it on. Angela started going wild through the computer's confidential files, looking to see if there was possibly more money in another location, or if there was another enemy to kill, though she did have to question why she didn't do this earlier. After a few minutes, she heard her door open. She spun around in the swivel chair.
    'That you, Monica?' A dark-skinned woman who looked to be the fusion of Monica and Angela stood in the office, sporting a f
:iconseibara:Seibara 22 9
Mature content
Like Clockwork Commission Story :iconcarthageplate:CarthagePlate 44 0
Will of the Rimeborn: Commission Story
(Based on the picture "Tf ice dragon request" by ibenz009)
Will of the Rimeborn
Damn it,’ Cynthia muses as the snow crunches beneath her boots. ‘I didn’t think the storm would be this bad.
She shivers as the cold further presses against her red hoodie, gloves and dark blue jeans. The wind makes her dark brown hair feel like tendrils of ice against her forehead and tied hair, even when sheltered among her hoodie’s white, fluffy outer head layer.
I’ve got to get back to the cabin,’ she further tells herself as she steels her brown eyes. ‘That stupid blue light distracted me!
This “blue light” had been seen at the edge of her vision while walking in the woods around the cabin. The cabin she was staying in was of high quality; being in the northern end of Montana meant winter temperatures were a challenge to live in. This was especially true in isolated areas lik
:iconcarthageplate:CarthagePlate 25 10
Fire spirit TF TG
A quick notice: this was written based on a reference. There is a link in the description below; I recommend taking a look at it to ensure a complete experience.
I am lost. That fact is pretty much clear by now. Stumbling forwards in the rampaging blizzard, I look up, trying to find my bearings, but the monotone, white landscape tells little beyond the obvious. Around me, dunes of thickly-packed snow covers the rocky landscape of the surrounding mountain-scape, which would have been blinding from the sun’s light were it not for the copious amounts of snow flying around in the air all over the place, constantly forcing my left hand to struggle lest the wind wanders off with my brand new, white hat.
Stiff from the cold, my other hand relentlessly grips the green-tinted map it holds, despite it having long-since been rendered useless since I haven’t the slightest clue where I am. Right now, I am truly regretting going out with only a thin, white lab coat serving as a ja
:iconfwiffoforce:FwiffoForce 67 20
Liquid Mercury 2 PART 2 (TF)
'Oh, looks like someone's woken up...welcome to the world, Monica.'
    '...Good morning, Creator Angela.' Monica looked around, and spotted Riley, her former lover back when they were human and Riley was male.
    'Do you recognize 'er?', asked Angela. Monica looked through her data bank, trying to find information on Riley. Riley stood there, waiting for her next command.
    'Target identified as Riley. Information found, but sealed away. Shall I unseal the information?' Angela had stayed true to her word, but made the information on Riley unavailable within Monica's synthetic mind. She planned to humour herself with their interactions once things calmed down.
    'Request declined. But you know what, Monica?' Angela walked up to Monica and started stroking her cheek. 'You...are friggin' perfect. C'mere. And you too, Riley, c'mere.' The two metals walked over to the desk where Angela stood. In front of her was the photograph of the two lovers
:iconseibara:Seibara 17 1
Soul of the Wyvern: Commission Story
(Based on the picture “Commission Wyvern tf” by iben009)

"Soul of the Wyvern"

Dragons were the greatest menace. A terror to society, pillagers of flocks, destroyers of fields, harbingers of doom. Whenever one arrived in the kingdom, it was placed as the highest threat to the crown and the land.
At least, that was what Calliope was always told by her fellow knights.
Able-bodied warriors were scarce in the village of Allevare, so they accepted women along with men in a time when this was frowned upon by the ruling class of King Mocron’s court. The small town rested along the border to the Sol Mountains, where the sun set every evening and signaled the coming terrors of the night, dragons included. Because of the constant threat, the militia was always on alert, soldiers cycling shifts with no room for error.
Calliope had entered Allevare’s militia from her parent’s home in a village two day’s journey away, when word of the dragon att
:iconcarthageplate:CarthagePlate 45 20
Fanart of Ibenz009 by jonwii Fanart of Ibenz009 :iconjonwii:jonwii 2 3 Slime Crazyness #3 by Karosu-Maker
Mature content
Slime Crazyness #3 :iconkarosu-maker:Karosu-Maker 883 36
Desperate Times - Demon tf
ATTENTION: Please be aware, this story was written using a reference. I advise you guys look at this before reading further, just as something to visualise the transformation with. The link can be found in the description. Enjoy!
I stride down the seemingly endless corridor, the urgency of my task obvious in my step. Each breath creates a small cloud of moisture in the air before me. Wrapping my cloak tighter around my body, I desperately try to fend off the freezing air, which seems to radiate out from the dark grey stones that make up the floor, walls and ceiling. The path is lit by a series of burning torches, the flames summoned here over a millennia ago when the tunnels were originally constructed, and having lit the path ever since. No need to replace the wick when magic is involved.
Increasing my pace, I silently pray to the gods that the risk I am undertaking will not be in vain; that the desperate measures I have been forced to make will pay off, even as the dis
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 92 22
Liquid Mercury 2 PART 1 (TF)
   '...Wha...' Monica Mason was stunned by what stood in front of her. It was a beautiful and shiny woman, coloured grey, clearly an android. 'You were...ANGELA, NO!' The android thrust forward with her blade, which was covered in blood. Monica shut her eyes, knowing her death was imminent. The blade nicked her cheek, but injured her no further. As the android's blade stuck in the wall, Monica opened her eyes and looked upwards.
   'Found you, you bitch...' she heard. To her astonishment, leaning upon the android's shoulder was one of her scientists, one well known around her company for her blue hair and sadistic smile.
   '...Angela! Y'know, just in case you didn't know, there was a reason as to why I cut funding to you. First off, you ARE aware this company's existence is known only by its workers, correct? I don't have all the money in the world between paying everyone and using bribes to make su
:iconseibara:Seibara 24 9
Metal Heart (TF)
    'No, no! I don't want this! No! Noooo!...'
    'I'd love to see June's reaction when she discovers what I found!' Amethyst White was the definition of adorable. Clean face, reddish-magenta dyed hair (she never told anyone what her natural color was), and blue eyes, nineteen years old, she was an energetic one. She'd gotten a spot as June August's protégé, and was on her first assignment. There was an abandoned factory in the old Panama Canal Zone the high-ups wanted mapped before the Panamanian government came in to either demolish it or maybe renovate it. Entering the factory, Amethyst ran down a dark hallway, flashlight in hand. After about a minute, she reached the opposite end of the factory. There were doors on both sides. Amethyst thought for awhile, and chose the door on the right. Inside was a massive dark room in which there were a few wooden book shelves. They were all musty and mostly empty, though. Amethyst lowered her goggles from ato
:iconseibara:Seibara 70 3
Liquid Mercury (TG TF)
    'Hey Bishopscourt!' Ryan Bishopscourt turned around to respond, but instead he was tossed a black bulletproof vest. 'I suggest you put this on, who knows what's in there.' Ryan sighed and slipped it over his head. It was supposed to be his day off, but of course he got the call, and chose to head in anyway. He put on some further bulletproof legguards and grabbed an assault rifle, ready to enter. To his surprise, the building on the inside looked rather normal. Apparently it was an old laboratory used for experimenting on animals before being shut down for outdated practices. It laid abandoned for awhile until a woman with a bizarre love of creating unknown substances took it over and barricaded herself inside the main lab at the basement, and he was a part of a mercenary group sent to neutralize her. Ryan entered the old lab, and immediately started to smell something.
    'What IS that smell? It's gross.' one merc asked.
    '...Smells like someone's
:iconseibara:Seibara 71 6
Mature content
Seal Warriors Special - Chapter 1 - Love :icondrijunior:drijunior 3 0
HUMAIAR Chapter 1
Darkness is the first thing that greeted me. What happened beforehand, never came to my mind. I opened my eyes upon awakening, which came with a sort of groggy feeling. As my vision and head cleared, I attempted to rub my head, only to see that all four of my limbs were being held in place by metal bindings. As a matter of fact, I was seemingly strapped to a some sort of metal table. I could not see what the table looked like as my vision appeared to be pointed to a white ceiling. There really wasn't anything about the ceiling that made it stand out. It was seemingly just a plain old white ceiling with a flat, smooth texture.
As I was laying there, I attempted to contemplate the situation I was in. I was trying to remember how I got here, but I had nothing. In fact, I couldn't remember anything prior to this point, including my identity. Despite this, I managed to avoid panicking and keep my composure to the current situation at hand.
As I continued to ponder about where I was, the tab
:iconmrtherandomguy42:MrTherandomguy42 31 20
Not Your Average Lily - tg tf
ATTENTION: Please be aware, this story was written using a reference. I advise you guys look at this before reading further, just as something to visualise the transformation with. The link can be found in the description. Enjoy!
I look around the large greenhouse, pure boredom etched into my face as I take in the vast sea of green, the occasional splash of red or yellow from various flowers dotted about. A bead of sweat slowly trickles down my forehead, and I wipe it away with a hand. I want nothing more right now than to leave; it’s too hot, it’s too humid, and there is literally nothing of interest here.
Well… nothing of interest for me at least
, I muse to myself as my younger sister darts past me, eyes wide open with curiosity and inquisitiveness. On the face of a 10 year old, that looks nothing but adorable. Unfortunately for me I have a soft spot for my sister, and she knows it all too well. I get the impression she plays on this more than I should
:iconthatotherguy93:thatotherguy93 263 53
Mature content
Electric Elemental TG Part 1 :iconkiroku09:Kiroku09 76 155

The Comissions wait list are full.

And the price are change  hope you understand.

6558 by ibenz009





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